With a population of 540,000, Poznań is one of the oldest and largest cities in Poland and is a significant centre for trade, services, industry, culture, higher education and science. Halfway between Berlin and  Warsaw, it boasts of a strong network of financial institutions, consulting agencies, associations of entrepreneurs, universities and schools with a business education profile. Cluster initiatives and tech-based cooperation networks are becoming even more popular among entrepreneurs. Innovation and creative industries, including a strong start-up environment and the gaming industry, are on the rise. The unemployment rate (1,3% in 2018) is nearly three times lower than the national average, too.

3rd in the ranking of learning cities (Schuman Foundation/Polityka Insight), Poznań has nearly 50 research and development facilities employing 5.000 people, 25 higher education institutions, and it nurtures links between the economy and science in its technology parks, Business and Science Incubator and the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Centre.

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ON BOARD Network project has given more momentum to Poznan to achieve its specific education goals in the District of Jeżyce, with 3 public primary schools. The District Council wanted to make those schools attractive for parents and students (especially new district residents) who tend to choose other schools outside the district for their kids. 

The Educational Innovation Network proposal has served to attract interest and increase engagement of the local community, identifying the needs of schools and parents as a means to improve the quality of teaching and the sense of pride within the education community. The URBACT networking method and innovative approaches have been instrumental to promote joint community activities of the three Jeżyce schools, their parents and the teachers.  

In particular, specific learning and achievements include:

  • Stronger motivation and mobilization of a group of directors and teachers, counting on the continued support from the District Council and the City Hall.
  • A new mind-shift for schools, now cooperating, rather than competing: intensive meetings and exchange between schools’ teachers led to closer and more cooperative relations. Together we all have access to more projects, workshops and interesting interdisciplinary initiatives, bigger than the single and ordinary school activities.
  • The use of new technologies and new tools for communication and work, mostly intensified during the online meetings due to the pandemic situation.
  • The new knowledge generated by other community stakeholders, such as Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre (PSNC) and the Poznan University of Technology, whose research is helping diagnose the situation of schools and their needs in the District. Also, closer engagement between teachers and PSNC Design Thinking Institute, involving workshops for school staff.
  • Improved quality of local projects in design and implementation. Joint work of teachers, parents, students and the District Council means more and better knowledge and resources involved. The newly developed and piloting projects “Moja Jeżycka Story”, “PiGo and creating “Jeżyce Legend” put the 3 district schools to work together and proved to generate bigger interest and better results.

Poznań's EducationalInnovation Network KeyCommunity Members

Slide Family Initiatives Centre Jeżyki Leisure, culture, sports, youth organisations: ACCORD, Vlipp video, Aelea Linea, Art School, Sequoïa Scientific Center, On Air Environment NGO Culture Entities 
Departments of Education and City Development and Foreign Relations District Council
 3 Primary Schools in Jeżyce District
 Poznan University of Technology
 Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre 
Parents Associations Youth City Council
 Teachers and Headmasters of Primary, Secondary and Vocational Schools





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Diversity bolstered ON BOARD’s learning and exchange project. They all represent a diversity of focuses and interests in education, but they also have in common Education as a strategic development priority for their cities